To keep the nose and palate in. You might notice that there are no scores. There’s a good reason for this. I hate scoring. I’ve always had to, but as this is my website and I’m not beholden to others’ whims, I can do what I’ve always wanted to – grade by a star system.

This gives bands of excellence, rather than the frankly absurd idea that you can define quality by a number. Stars give a degree of flex, they operate in bands of excellence. Maybe it will also guide eyes away from ratings and towards the words.

Oh, and what is tasted will be rated according to its competitive set.

Rating system

* Only useful if you need a solvent
** Somewhat disappointing.
*** This is good! I’ll happily have a dram thank you.
**** Hits the spot. I’ll have another.
***** Exceptional. Hold me back!

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