The Amber Light VOD release & The Director’s Half-Cut

We’re delighted to announce that from June 25th our award-wining film ‘The Amber Light’ will be available to stream through Vimeo On Demand. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic folk at Burning Bridges for the release. 


Buying the film for eternity will cost a mere £10.99. If you wish to rent for a on-off showing, the cost is £3.99.

In celebration, at 8.00pm that evening, Adam and I will be be talking through the film as you watch – a bit like an on-line DVD commentary.

You will just need to be watching the film on one device, and have the live stream with commentary on another (instructions are below).

There will be time for questions during and after the screening too. When the director’s half-cut, appropriately.

But that’s not all. We’ve linked with Royal Mile Whiskies and some great whisky makers to enhance the experience even more, with with dram, being linked to specific places and people in the film.

Purchasing a Dram pack (via this link) will get you five drams: Kilchoman, Compass Box Artist’s and Glasgow blends, The Glenlivet and Kingsbarns, each of which can be consumed at appropriate points during the film. (I’d suggest having some ginger ale/beer/soda to hand for Highball action with the Compass Box).

Purchasing a pack will also include a link to view The Amber Light.

Cost is £29.95, with £5 (inc VAT) going to The Drinks Trust to help support the hospitality industry in this difficult time.

Of course, there is no obligation to listen to us. You can simply watch the film and enjoy the drams at appropriate points – which we’ll let you know about when you get the pack.

We’ve simplified the set-up as best we can:

Time: 8pm, 25th June (UK time)

Have two devices handy – one large (TV/laptop) one smaller (mobile phone iPad)

Click on the vimeo link on the larger device

Click on Royal MIle’s YouTube channel on your smaller device. There you’ll find the welcoming smile of Arthur Motley who will  introduce Adam and I via a live stream.

You can then watch the film, while streaming the commentary.

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